Due to the increasing number of foreign partnerships, it is impossible to achieve business goals without the services of a good translator. So many contracts wouldn't be concluded without the high-quality translation. Today, in Germany many people are looking for the translator - übersetzungsbüro, that is able to translate from German into English fast and properly.

How to choose a translator who not only does the work qualitatively and quickly but at a price that is affordable for you? We offer an effective way to choose a translator. Check the main criteria below.

1. Translation prices

The first thing you notice when you need a translator. Too low prices - below market prices - a sign of beginners. Experts with experience and good reviews do not lower prices below the average. To save the budget, it is better to contact a translation agency - they often offer discounts for services to regular customers or to find new customers.

2. Special education.

It is not always enough to have a good command of a foreign language. For a high-quality translation of the material, it is necessary to know the algorithm of the translator’s work and the criteria for a high-quality translation, to be able to work with the context. Therefore, it is very important to give preference to certified specialists.

3. Literacy level of translation.

The specificity of the work requires the translator to have a high level of translation. Be sure to pay attention to how competently the selected translator speaks and writes. If you have ordered translation or urgent translation from a foreign language into a foreign language or into your native language, check the literacy of several constructions in order to make sure that the specialist has a high level of work.

4. The speed of the translator.

For a professional translator, adequate speed of high-quality translation is up to 15, or even up to 10 pages per day. This is the maximum amount of high-quality translation that a specialist can perform. If translators offer to perform more work for the same period - this is an occasion to reflect on the professionalism of the translator. Most likely - in front of you is a novice translator who tries to get the order by any means. But this item does not apply to translation agencies. In this case, an entire team of translators works on translation, which allows maintaining high translation quality and performing the work as soon as possible.

5. Translator specialization.

Do not entrust the complex technical translation to the translator working with fiction. Medical translation, technical translation and other similar topics require the translator to have a deep knowledge of the features of this topic, an understanding of terminology and the construction of texts. Universal translator is a rarity, most often translators choose one specialization and execute orders of the chosen subject.