Is it possible to train a "creative muscle"? We have all heard many times that practice is an indispensable condition for success. But is it? Can everyone become a successful writer? If you want to get a slender, tight body, but the only exercise that you do is an intensified blink, there will be no results. Although it would seem - the muscles worked, time was spent but there is no the desired result. In order to improve writing skills, you need to understand what prevents you from being the best writer.

Reason 1. Lack of theoretical knowledge: Over the centuries, mankind has developed a whole system of teaching writing skills. If you don't study theory and not read qualitative literature, you are unlikely to succeed.

Reason 2. Refusal of the self-development: Some students think that if they aren't talented enough to write impressive papers, then there is no need to waste time to learn how to do this. However, it is a misconception as the main thing you need to have is the strong desire to improve your writing skills.

Reason 3. Trying to acquire all skills at once: Great writing skills consist of a number of skills: for example, the skill of conducting research, in-depth analysis, brainstorming creative ideas, etc. Perfection in everything at once is possible, but it is a long and difficult path. Grabbing for everything at the same time, you spray the effort and get no visible results. It is much more practical to focus on one thing, to work out a skill, and then move on. This can be done by training on short stories or posts in the blog.

Reason 4. Inability to exit the Comfort Zonel: A zone of comfort is something that is given to us without much effort. For example, you can easily compose a narrative essay but find it difficult to write a research paper. In this situation, most students prefer to ask “Help me write my essay” instead of trying to do this on their own and to spend time on more important things. However, the best way is to do your best to learn how to do this on your own as outside the Comfort Zone, there is the Training Zone, and there, of course, is not so cozy.

Reason number 5. No systematic progressive practice: Your fate as a writer could have developed differently, if you had worked on yourself following a certain system, or even better - under the guidance of expert. The system is important precisely because it helps to determine at which stage the author is in, which direction he/she should go.

Here, everything is like in sports: if you understand the physiology and anatomy, you train and eat well, then you will still have positive results. It's clear that not everyone will be able to become an Olympic champion, but each person is able to improve his/her performance if there is a strong desire. The same rule works for students who want to craft brilliant papers.