by Larry K. Brendtro, PhD, Martin L. Mitchell, EdD, Herman J. McCall, EdD

Professionals with decades of experience working in the field, Brendtro, Mitchell, and McCall set out to demonstrate how combining brain research, human values and practice expertise can lead to success with at-risk youth.   Much has been written about educating and working with challenging children, but what’s often missing from those theories are what youth think and how they feel.

The goal of this book is to provide a roadmap to powerful educational and treatment strategies that enable youth to transform their troubled lives. Deep Brain Learning uses the voices of youth, case studies and insights gained over decades in the field, to create powerful principles for success with youth.

“A cutting-edge, reader-friendly, astonishingly creative synthesis of cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology, and the classic truths of human development.” - John C Gibbs, Ph.D., Professor of Developmental Psychology, The Ohio State University

“This wise and important book gives us a much needed roadmap to advance human potential – for challenging youth and for all of us. We must heed its call for change and transformation.” - Peter L. Benson, Ph.D., President and CEO, Search Institute

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