Any work can be approached with creativity. Especially if your every creation is a bit of art. And any art can be applied in the war, if you have enough courage for it. Clockwerk sufficed, and he, the son of an ordinary watchmaker, used his knowledge to create a mechanism that is not inferior in reliability to a wristwatch. That's just instead of arrows - rockets, and instead of the mechanism for the plant - high-power shrapnel. The suit is ready, the clock is set up - you can start. Gain knowledge about Clockwerk when playing and betting. If you decide to bet on Dota, visit site with a good reputation.

More About Clockwerk

At first you might think that Clockwerk is a robot, but in fact he is a gnome, the most natural. So he is good friends with the mechanisms and relies on them in battle. This opinion needs to be corrected by adding a pinch of magic to the lethal technique. But we need to go to this consistently, and even more so - not to deny the opportunities that a small watchmaker can offer.

Therefore, you can safely go on a difficult line, refusing the help of allies. But on the other hand, it’s not necessary to think that it’s impossible to kill your character, so we take with us the most “survivable” version of items available from the very beginning - Tango, Stout Shield, Ring of Protection and several Iron Branch.

All this later can be sold, and you can collect Ring of Aquila, and then sell it. With such a set, the damage from the enemies will be minimal, allowing you to confidently farm even against three enemies, and Battery Assault will help you to escape if the enemy tries to attack. But if the enemies have a lot of slowing or becoming abilities, then it is better not to approach. Good life is better than glorious death.

Important Features to Keep in Mind

Due to the huge radius of this ability (2000 conditionally accepted units) and the fast application speed, it is easy to get into, while shooting is possible without fear of being seen. After this classic - you fly, kill, happily run away, allowing the character to weigh some bearded joke. But it's not worth the risk - Clockwerk doesn't have much mana, so there won't be a second attempt. After the gang (successful or not) you return to the line and continue to gain experience, waiting until the reload time of the Hookshot is restored. After this, repeat the above described actions until the enemy shows a white flag. Well, or at least until you collect Aghanim's Scepter, thanks to which even on the line you can stop coming back, and just run and kill. Run fast and kill even faster.


If used correctly, Clockwerk will be able to kill almost any hero alone, except for those who can technically avoid all this, for example Outworld Devourer or Shadow Demon. Although, as soon as their rest in other worlds is over, they will immediately realize that they are wrong. And no matter what, when you are methodically beaten by a little gnome in a robot costume - all the arguments seem to be insignificant. Learn more about this character here.