Vol 18, No 2 (2009)

For decades, psychology narrowly focused on deviance, deficit, and disorder. Now a new paradigm is emerging as heralded in Character Strengths and Virtues by Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman. This issue highlights recent research in positive psychology and draws on earlier studies of pro-social groups and resilience science. Guest editor is Erik Laursen of the Academy for Positive Peer Culture.

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Peacemaking Circles and Urban Youth: Bringing Justice Home
Extending Childhood into the Teen Years: "Infantilization" and Its Consequences
Positive Peer Culture with German Youth
Young Carers: Mature Before Their Time
Building Strengths of Character: Keys to Positive Youth Development
Talent Hunts for Academic and Behavioral Success
Juvenile Justice and a Strengths Perspective: Complement or Clash?
Made in America: The Global Youth Justice Movement
Positive Psychology
Positive Youth Cultures and the Developing Brain
Resiliency and Native American Teenagers
Life Space Crisis Intervention: If I Give You the iPod, I Lose