Treatment and Family

Recently mainstreamed, an elementary student struggles to succeed in his new environment. The New Tools reclaiming intervention puts him on the right track to making new friends.

The four Circle of Courage elements and the underlying foundation of physical and emotional safety are braided into a therapeutic wilderness program, School of Urban Wilderness Survival (SUWS) of the Carolinas.

Family Group Decision Making (also known as Family Group Conferencing) is a process that brings together extended family networks—aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, and friends—to make important decisions that might otherwise be made by professionals.

Life Space Crisis Intervention helps one student correct his distorted view of reality and provides him with tools for future success.

The capacity to be in control of one’s thoughts, emotions, and physiology can form an internal safety net preparing children to face the challenges and opportunities of life. This is the goal of the Inner Resilience Program in the New York City Schools.

Youth who present anti-social behavior need powerful interventions that strengthen empathy, counter negative peer influence, and challenge thinking errors.

The Developmental Audit® is used for planning restorative educational and social-emotional interventions for challenging children and youth in a Georgia psycho-educational program.

The Manipulation of Body Boundaries Set Up Reclaiming Intervention is used when a bright, passive-aggressive youth sets up a more volatile peer to fight and get into trouble. Analogies are especially useful in helping “set-up” students gain a cognitive understanding of how they are being manipulated.

The Sanctuary Model builds respectful culture in schools and treatment organizations so that troubled children—and those who work with them—are not subject to victimization. The therapeutic community addresses the needs of traumatized youth through a psychoeducational model called S.E.L.F. which deals with the challenges of Safety, Emotional management, Loss, and Future.