Before you get CASCO, you should learn more about the specific options it may cover or vice versa not cover. Considering what is included in CASCO insurance, it is very important to take into account the additional benefits of certain programs offered by the company kasko2go. Some of them simply increase the attractiveness of the proposal, but there are those whose presence is sometimes considered mandatory.

The Additional Bonus Offers from Insurance Companies

Additional features include: towing services, roadside assistance, collecting documents and certificates, a replacement car, repairs from an accident site, delivery of repair directions, a free taxi, 5% payment without references, replacement of glass and headlights without references and much more. Each option has certain conditions of use and is selected individually.

The process of registration of CASCO looks pretty simple. However, there are a lot of subtleties, additional options, and other factors that not only complicate the selection of a particular policy, but also increase its cost. Therefore, it is sometimes better to use the services of professionals who will tell you how profitable and easier it is to purchase the insurance necessary for your purposes.

What Is Considered the Insurer's Negligence?

This item is very important to consider when studying what is included in CASCO insurance.

  • Use of the vehicle outside the territory of insurance.
  • When using fire to heat a car or engine.
  • Damage caused by the transport of dangerous goods, if it is not a special technique.
  • Using the car in racing, testing, competition or driving instruction.
  • Damage caused by loading or transport by other means.
  • Careless handling of fire or cigarettes, which has resulted in damage to the cabin.
  • Deliberate damage caused by both driver and passengers.
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Transferring a vehicle to a third party who is not entered on the policy does not have a driver's license of the relevant category, operates the vehicle illegally (without the relevant documents).
  • When leaving the place of an accident.

Now, you know what is covered by the insurance and when you may get refusal in getting the financial assistance due to your personal negligence. You should learn all the cases not covered by CASCO in order not to face an unpleasant situation when you aren't paid by the insurance company.