Cyberbetting is the most diverse of all existing kinds of sports. In addition to a huge number of standard options, many games offer a very diverse options. It is impossible to tell about each of them because it's about a certain game, tournament and other things. At you will find the most interesting options for you.

Standard Betting Options

  • Ordinary. Perhaps, the most common option. They always end with the usual forecast of a victory of one side or a draw.
  • Express. They contain a whole list of events, which are united by one tournament and event.
  • Victory with a handicap. Very specific variation. The victory of the team, but with a deduction of a certain number of points in the final result. An interesting and rare option, which is considered typical in games.
Rare varieties:
  • First blood. You can understand even the meaning of the phrase - it's a bet on which team will first deal damage to the second. Sometimes this applies to just one shot at the opponent, otherwise he/she needs to be killed. Bets on eSports would not be interesting without such unique and hazardous options.
  • Odd or even. In this sport, it's about murder. You can bet on an even and an odd number, both in the match and in the series. An interesting option to diversify your game, but very risky. In fact, you just play the lottery - it's simply impossible to predict the result.
  • Bet on 10 murders. The first team that does 10 murders is an achievement. And you can try to guess which team will do it first. Unlike the previous version, the analyst, the information on the "form" of the players and so on will help you here. If it's Dota 2, then you can bet on which team will first lose the tower. In Dota, you can also bet on the duration of the game. Up to 37 minutes or longer than 37 minutes.

Most Popular Games in the Cyber World

Today, there are several legendary and most popular computer games:
  • Dota 2. A strategy in which you need to win with your team. The most popular online game in the modern world. Bets on e-sports with money are made during major tournaments. Dota 2 collects millions of viewers from around the world who are rooting for their favorites. The variety of the game allows you to create a wide list of bookmakers. Like in any other sport, there are favorites and outsiders.
  • CSGO. Live betting on eSports can not exist without CSGO. The legendary shooter, the first version of which appeared in the 90's. Since then, it has significantly improved and mutated. This kind of betting began to emerge precisely thanks to Counter Strike, which conquered millions of teenagers. It should be understood that the bets on CS Go are different from other games. Betting on him is also the second most popular in the world, after Dota.

Cyberbetting is very diverse, as there are hundreds of different games - and thus thousands of outcomes on them. All the games differ not only in graphics, but also in tasks. Discover which pros eSports games have before joining cyber betting.