Dr. Scott Larson is chairman of Reclaiming Youth International, a strength-based movement providing training and best practice models to programs serving high-risk youth around the world.

Scott is also president and founder of Straight Ahead Ministries, an international faith-based organization working with juvenile offenders in more than 400 juvenile detention centers in 14 states and three countries with a myriad of aftercare programs when youth return home.

Straight Ahead also provides mentoring programs and aftercare homes for youth after release from lock-up. The Larsons opened and lived in one of those aftercare homes with up to seven boys for nine years. The recidivism rate for youth going through that home was less than 10 percent. Their newest program is Straight Ahead Academy, a residential program where youth can serve the last six months of their time.

Scott has authored 10 books on working effectively with troubled youth and has been a speaker to youth, parents, teachers, social workers and youth workers since 1983 and is an adjunct professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary's Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME).

Scott and his wife Hanne reside in Northborough, Massachusetts with their two children, Sarah and David.

This speaker's topics include:

  • Being a "Wounded Healer vs. an Unhealed Wounder"
  • Helping Peers to Reach Peers
  • New Paradigm for Reaching At-Risk Youth
  • RAP Overview (one-day training)
  • RAP Training (3-day certification)
  • Resolving Conflict Creatively with High Risk Youth
  • Strength-based Discipline with Youth
  • Strength-based Interventions for Today's High Risk Youth
  • Teaching for Transformation rather than mere Rehabilitation
  • The Changing Face of Delinquency
  • The Resilience Revolution: Building on the Resilience of Today's Youth
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